At NETe2 Asia, we understand that in today’s fast moving business environment, organizations need to stay focused and swift in their decision-making process to stay ahead of the competition. Video conference technology has the capability to deliver time critical virtual meetings with the clarity and comfort of a face to face. Working closely with architects, designers, facilities managers and both IT and construction professionals, NETe2 Asia design, build and install world-class Video Conferencing audiovisual, Multimedia environments for all forms of presentation, communication and collaboration.

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NETe2 Asia Consultation


NETe2 Asia takes the time to understand the needs of both the users and the organization. We work with you to grasp the key requirements of the meeting space and the role that the audio visual and video conferencing technology needs to play.

NETe2 Asia Design


Our experienced engineers create a solution that integrates leading edge audio visual, conferencing and information technologies. Our expertise in room design ensures the successful integration of voice, video and data presentation technologies. Design reviews will be conducted with the customer to focus on producing user friendly, reliable, high performance, future proof solution that meet customer’s budget and schedule.

NETe2 Asia Project Management

Project Management

NETe2 Asia provides project management to ensure the sites are well supervised, equipment deliveries are on schedule, installation and testing commissioning are according to design specifications. Our project manager will be the main point of contact to work closely with your architects, consultants, M&E contractors and interior designer to ensure project execution is smooth and with highest quality standard.

NETe2 Asia Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Our technical team will ensure cable routing, laying, termination and labeling conform to industry best practices. Equipment and cable are neatly installed in equipment rack and with clear labeling.

NETe2 Asia System Configuration, Programming, Testing and Commissioning

System Configuration, Programming, Testing and Commissioning

To maximize performance, each equipment is carefully configured, thoroughly tested in our office staging area before delivery to site. Total system integration, programming, testing and commissioning is done by our experience engineers based stringent test plan to achieve highest possible total system performance and reliability.

NETe2 Asia Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

The equipment maintenance allows you to keep your equipment functioning smoothly, upgraded with the latest firmware and being taken care of by the professional engineers from NETe2 Asia. Our team of service engineers are highly experience in audio visual and video conferencing and certified by renowned equipment manufacturer to perform wide range of services.

You will get the prompt support you need through our electronics support ticket system, Telephone hotline, Video Conferencing Helpdesk, remote diagnostics and on-site support service. Our maintenance store is well stocked up with wide range of Video Conferencing, Audio, Video, Network, Computer, Servers equipment.

NETe2 Asia Training


Depending on the complexity of the project and customer’s needs, up to 3 levels of training can be specially tailored for the customer:

  1. User: Equip users with the knowledge and hands on experience in using the system. The training can be 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the system.
  2. User Technical Support : Equip customer user technical support officers with the knowledge and hands on experience in preparing the facility, standby and basic troubleshooting skills. The training can be 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the system.
  3. Administrator: Equip system administrator with basic configuration, troubleshooting skills and fault escalation procedure. The training can be 30 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the complexity of the system.