Panasonic Projectors

With Incredible Brightness & High Picture Quality, Panasonic projectors range of fixed installation projectors comes with High Reliability & Stability, as well as Excellent System Functions.

Panasonic Projectors - Large Venue Projectors

Large Venue Projectors

The Panasonic series of 3-chip DLP™ projectors combine high levels of picture quality, reliability, function and system expandability into a compact body. Packed with original, advanced Panasonic technology, these projectors and their dual lamp system and Auto Cleaning Filter (ACF) greatly boost reliability. A new and unique multi-unit brightness control function also gives these projectors the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications.

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Panasonic Projectors - Fixed Installation Projectors
Panasonic Projectors - Mobile Projectors

Mobile Projectors

Compact projectors make large-screen images easier to use, and helps lectures and presentations go more smoothly. Featuring a newly developed short-throw lens, this allows installation methods to be used that were not possible with conventional models, for a wider range of application. Close range projection also reduces shadows on the screen. This all adds up to more relaxed, comfortable viewing.

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