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Haivision - Makito X

Makito X

Extreme Encoding
The Makito™ X H.264 encoder delivers up to 12 channels of High Profile HD 1080p60 with an extremely low encoding latency – all within a single rack unit. Ideal for headend applications, the Makito X offers an excellent price/ performance ratio and significant performance improvements over broadcast encoders at a fraction of the price. Makito X models include single or dual channel SDI and DVI.

Makito X
Haivision - Makito XR

Makito XR

Ruggedized Performance Encoding
A rugged COTS encoder, the Makito™ XR is designed for the most demanding Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications and built to match the physical and mission-critical requirements of Full Motion Video (FMV). The Makito XR High Profile encoder supports up to 4 HD streams or 2 1080p60 full HD streams, can output two different bitrate (resolution/framerate) H.264 streams simultaneously, and allows for scaling and frame rate settings to be adjusted on-the-fly.

Makito XR
Haivision - Makito


The compact Makito™ HD encoder supports up to 1080p60 resolution with extremely low end-to-end latency. The Makito is ideal for multi-channel enterprise IPTV and digital signage deployments, and for mass HD distribution environments such as schools, medical facilities, stadiums, and auditoriums.

Haivision - Makito Air

Makito Air

Ruggedized Encoding for ISR
The Makito Air is a compact, ruggedized H.264, low latency encoder designed for the most demanding airborne and mobile intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications. The Makito Air encoder supports constrained data links found in the most challenging operating environments, can output two different bitrate (resolution/frame rate) H.264 streams simultaneously and allows for scaling and frame rate settings to be adjusted on-the-fly.

Makito Air
Haivision - KulaByte


High Quality Live Internet Video
The KulaByte software-based encoder/transcoder is designed for streaming live events and broadcast channels over the Internet for delivery to desktops, mobile devices and set-top boxes. KulaByte combines High Profile H.264 encoding with advanced bandwidth controls to optimize both uplink and Internet delivery of high definition adaptive bitrate (ABR) video streams.

Haivision - InStream Video Players

InStream Video Players

Performance Media Player
The InStream media player enables you to watch high quality video (live or on-demand) from anywhere within your facility, on any device, operating on any platform. InStream players are available free of charge, enabling the widest possible consumption of media within an organization. The InStream family of products is available in four varieties: InStream Furnace, InStream Standalone, InStream Mobile (iOS and Android), and InStream Amino.

Haivision - CoolSign Display Engine

CoolSign Display Engine

Power & Performance
The CoolSign Display Engine is a powerful, compact player that is fully integrated with the CoolSign digital signage system so you can deliver high definition digital signage content throughout your facility.

Haivision - Stingray Set-Top Box

Stingray Set-Top Box

Secure IPTV HD video
The Stingray set-top box (STB) is a compact appliance that delivers secure HD video content to displays for Haivision’s Furnace™ IPTV media systems. Easy to install, the Stingray set-top box includes central control, VoD with metadata, and desktop synchronization.