A Flexible Solution for Every Application

Revolabs Audio Conferencing specializes in conference audio for any environment, from desktops to corporate boardrooms and auditoriums, large university lecture halls, broadcast and production studios, and more. Offering a full range of products that address the need to hear every word, Revolabs creates audio solutions that enable crystal clear communication for productive collaboration.

Revolabs Audio Conferencing addresses the crucial aspects of call clarity and quality with designed for speech technology, using leading-edge engineering and industrial design. Our multiple microphone solutions provide flexible options for various meeting spaces such as multipurpose rooms, corporate boardrooms, offices and lecture halls. Whether your application requires the freedom of wireless microphones for conferencing and voice lift, or wired microphones for a fixed solution, Revolabs Audio Conferencing will create an audio environment that suits your needs for security, clarity, and style.

Recognizing the need for higher quality audio in telephone conference calls, Revolabs Audio Conferencing brings the same committment to clear conference audio in a line of innovative conference phones. Customers can select from wireless VoIP, USB, and IP phone options to fit with their existing and future telephone technologies such as videoconferencing, softphone calls, web applications, on premise or hosted IP PBXs, and more. Designed to fit the needs of smaller conference spaces and huddle rooms, Revolabs’ telephony product line offers increased frequency range, integrated echo cancellation and superior speaker volume.

Whether you’re looking to take your audio and video conferencing to the next level, seeking the ultimate in flexibility for PC audio applications, or need a powerful solution for voice amplification, Revolabs has a solution to bring the highest audio quality to any application to enable exceptional unified communications.

Revolabs Audio Conferencing - FLX™ UC 1000

FLX UC 1000 IP Conference Phone

Incorporating the same superior audio technology as the Award-Winning FLX™ family of products including the FLX wireless conference phone and the FLX UC 500 USB conference phone, the FLX UC 1000 sets a new standard in conference phone audio. Doubling as a high-performance IP conference phone and a USB audio device, the FLX UC 1000’s innovative design enables truly unified communications by supporting both USB audio for PC communication tools and SIP telephony for market leading IP PBXs.

FLX UC 1000
Revolabs Audio Conferencing - FLX™ UC 500

FLX UC 500 USB Conference Phone

From desktop workspaces to conference rooms, the Revolabs FLX UC 500 sets the new audio standard for unified communications applications. Combining the best technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing, the FLX UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for your communication needs and easily gives the “Best in Class” audio performance changing the price for performance paradigm in this space.

FLX UC 500
Revolabs Audio Conferencing - Executive Elite™ Wireless Microphone

Executive Elite Wireless Microphone System

Best audio quality in boardroom-ready design. Executive Elite is designed to manage a 4 microphone installation the same way it handles several hundred of microphones. The feature rich product is designed for enterprise applications. Remote management and monitoring capabilities allow centralized or external management of microphone networks. A distributed architecture allows easy integration of wireless microphone environments into the corporate IT infrastructure.

Executive Elite
Revolabs Audio Conferencing - Elite™ Wired Microphones

Elite Wired Microphones

Revolabs’ Elite Wired Microphones provide users with a unique combination of exceptional performance features and contemporary design elements to meet the demands of various conference environments. Using the same form factor and user interface as Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless Microphones, the new Elite Wired Microphones are also ideal for environments in which wired and wireless microphones are used in tandem, increasing the maximum number of microphones available in a space and combining wireless flexibility with the security of wired microphones.

Elite Wired Microphones
Revolabs Audio Conferencing - Executive HD™

Executive HD 4- and 8-Channel Wireless Microphone System

For demanding environments such as high-end boardrooms, large auditoriums, and broadcast studios, the rack-mountable Executive HD™ wireless microphone system can support up to 32 (Americas and Japan) or 40 (international) microphones, and eliminates the clutter of cables for a clean look without having to drill into expensive furniture.

Executive HD
Revolabs Audio Conferencing - FLX™

FLX Wireless Conference Phone

Designed specifically for small and mid-sized conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environments, the FLX wireless conference phone comprises several distinct components, giving users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones, and dial pad.

Revolabs Audio Conferencing - Fusion™

Fusion 4- and 8-Channel Wireless Microphone System

For mid- to large-size conference rooms, the Fusion wireless microphone system packs a wireless receiver, digital signal processor, and audio mixer – in addition to Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction technologies – in one cost-effective unit.

Revolabs Audio Conferencing - HD™ Single/Dual Channel

HD Single/Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

With its one or two wireless microphones, superior HD audio quality, and extremely small form factor, the HD Single/Dual Channel wireless microphone system provides the ideal solution for mobile video carts and other video conferencing solutions used in smaller conference rooms, classrooms, and houses of worship.

HD Single/Dual Channel
Revolabs Audio Conferencing - HD Venue™

HD Venue Wireless Microphone System

Offering two or four microphones for HD audio quality in smaller conference rooms, classrooms, and houses of worship, the HD Venue wireless microphone system’s rack-mount design allows it to easily integrate into a conference room’s A/V rack, or provide a fixed, reliable solution in video carts.

HD Venue
Revolabs Audio Conferencing - xTag™

xTag USB Microphone

Designed specifically to provide USB audio for both PC and Mac users without the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter, the xTag USB wireless microphone system’s compact charger combines receiver and charger functionality in one sleek device.

Revolabs Audio Conferencing - YVC-1000

YVC-1000 Unified Communications Microphone and Speaker System

The YVC-1000 is an intuitive audio solution for medium to large conference spaces that require flexible audio, web, or video conferencing applications.