NETe2 Asia has invested more than 40-man years and 20% of operating profits in product Development.

NETe2 Asia features the following in house developed product/systems.

Video Surveillance and Video Management

Application: Enterprise/Defense/Homeland Security/Government Security and surveillance emergency operations centers.


  • Video Management Server (with Clustering HA design)
  • Video Streaming Server
  • Video On Demand Server
  • Video RePro Server
  • Video Transcoding Server
  • Security Proxy Server
  • Camera Control Gateway
  • Integration Data Gateway
  • Application/Web/Mobile Clients

Tele-Visit, Tele-Justice

Application: Prison, Inmate family, Judiciary, Police remote visitation.

Tele-Visit Video Management server
Tele-Visit Video Streaming Server
Tele-Visit Video On Demand Server
Tele-Visit Live Monitoring and Control System
Tele-Visit Video Communication Server

Lecture/Classroom recording/streaming system

Application: Lecture/Classroom real-time lesson recording & streaming.

Vpresenter Video Management Server
Vpresenter Video On Demand Server
Vpresenter Encoder
Video Wall Controller

Video Wall Controller

Application: Enterprise/Command Control Center Video Wall Controller.

Product: Radium Video Wall Controller

Tele-Presence Controller

Application: Enterprise Boardroom / Smart Classroom / Command Control Center.

Product: NETe2 Tele-Presence Controller