Presentation Capture System

VPresenter Presentation Capture System

The VPresenter Presentation Capture System (PCS) offers the possibility of Smart Distant Learning, redefined. A fully automated system which starts/stops recording sessions automatically, no prior preparation is required by the presenter. Slides are automatically indexed by the system, and keyword searches can be performed across the indexed slides to allow users to quickly fast-forward and focus on specific parts of the recorded sessions.

A small, power efficient, dual HD/SD Input Encoder will captures and digitizes a single Standard Definition Presenter Video, and a High Definition Presentation Content Video, in two independent streams, and pushed to the centralized system server(s) for media processing and subsequently storage. The videos can be subsequently recalled and reviewed by any user via traditional workstations / laptops, and even mobile devices, via a web-based interface, without the need to install applications. The VPresenter PCS can be scaled up for Educational/Tertiary requirements, or kept simple for corporate environments.