Video Management System

Sirius Video Management System
Sirius Video Management System

Sirius Video Management System provides critical video distribution, viewing of IP-based videos over secured networks, coupled with a detailed, automated organization and management system which simplifies complex video management and monitoring for large systems, reducing the amount of headcount needed for daily operations. The Sirius Video Management System provides a single point of control across different Video Management System platforms.

Designed to be integrated alongside other sub-systems, the Sirius Video Management System boasts a new level of integration capabilities that allows the Sirius to either be a standalone system, or be incorporated into a larger system for a true integrated experience. Full System Automation, Secured and Network Friendly, extremely Scalable and Expandable are key features of the Sirius Video Management System.

For Surveillance and Command & Control organizations and enterprises that understand the requirements for the best quality in network video technology, NETe2 Asia’s Video Management Suite offers a full range of video solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Windows GUI
  • Web-based GUI
  • Pre-Recording and scheduled-archiving
  • Streaming video & Recording Video with Metadata
  • Devices Monitoring & Controlling
  • Video effects and enhancement enabled
  • Able to integrate with Video-Processor, PIP Devices, Video Sequencer, etc
  • Video Loss Detection
  • Remote accessibility
  • Easy to use user interface for installation and configuration
  • Log Facility