Sharp Displays

Sharp Professional Display - 3D LED TV

Sharp Professional Display – 3D LED TV

New slim line design 3D-TV. Brightly High quality picture & Low crosstalk.

Beautiful 3D picture are provided:

  • Vivid colour
  • Bright
  • Low Crosstalk

Product Range: LC-58/50UE1M | LC-80LE960X | LC-70/60LE960X | LC-55/50/42LE860M | LC-90LE760X | LC-52/46LE840X

Sharp Professional Display - LED TVs

Sharp Professional Display – LED TVs

Largest class LED-TV with Quattron

  • High resolution (8,294,400 sub-pixel=1920x4x1080)
  • Reducing motion blur : Fine Motion Advanced 100/120Hz
  • Internet Video Streaming YouTube lean back
  • DLNA client
  • Wireless LAN ready
  • DivX+HD movie USB play back enable
  • 10-bit signal processing for smooth picture
  • 1080/24P signal input for the film frames just like the theaters
  • InstaportTM for quick switching between HDMI ports
  • SRS TruSurround HD and Bass Enhancer for various scene
  • Design concept are “Flat &Narrow”
  • Advanced OPC for auto adjusting by the lighting condition
  • Eco picture control for auto adjusting by picture source brightness
  • AQUOS LINK for one touch control of “AQUOS BD” and “AQUOS AUDIO”
  • Time Shift Function (Digital broadcasting only)

Product Range: LC-32LE260M | LC-70/60LE360X | LC-32LE360X | LC-70/60LE650M | LC-50/46LE450M | LC-40LE355M | LC-39/32/24LE155M | LC-19LE155M | LC-32LE150M | LC-55/50/40/32LE460X | LC-32LE360D2 | LC-70/60LE660X | LC-32LE350M