The Power of Engagement

A revolution is taking place in customer service, organizational communications, training, and many other forms of customer and employee interaction. Gone are the days of paper signs tacked to a billboard, static emails, out-of-date print advertisements, and expensive in-person training

Cisco Digital Signage is the complete platform for interactive media experiences. Now you can easily deliver and manage applications to communicate, connect, and engage customers and employees in an entirely new way.

The scalable, network-based platform consists of endpoints, management, and services. On top of this, Cisco’s rich partner ecosystem tailors your deployment building and delivering applications for people to communicate, connect, and engage in stores, banks, manufacturing floors, or hospitals.

Unlike pure digital signage for advertising models, signage as a platform can do much more. Designed to go beyond the delivery of static information and advertising, Cisco Digital Signage helps create new and innovative experiences, including:

  • Executive and organizational communications
  • Training
  • Customer, patient, or citizen interaction
  • Directions and transportation information
  • Safety and security

Cisco Digital Media Players

  • Are highly reliable, IP-based endpoints
  • Play high-definition live and on-demand video, motion graphics, web pages, and dynamic content

Cisco Digital Media Manager

  • Manages content assets and creation of playlists
  • Schedules instant and future deployments

Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays

  • Offer full 1080p resolution
  • Deliver centralized, remote management through the Cisco Digital Media Manager

Cisco Interactive Experience Clients

  • Are robust, configurable, and remotely manageable
  • Include a specially designed web browser to deliver highly reliable embedded kiosk and digital signage applications

Cisco Interactive Experience Manager

  • Facilitates remote configuration, monitoring, and workflow automation of policy deployment across interactive and non-interactive signage