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BHP Billiton Singapore now has a highly sophisticated and integrated audio visual and video conferencing solution. Our ability to communicate and collaborate covers the breadth of our business requirements. The seamless integration between technologies and the ability to expand these further, will ensure this service always remains highly effective for our people. NETe2Asia provided a committed and valuable contribution to the success of our project.
BHP Billiton
NETe2 Asia’s staff are extremely pleasant to work with, very understanding towards our needs, attentive to detail and exceptionally dedicated to customer service. We even receive praise and many favorable reports from our staff who used our video and teleconferencing facilities in the conference room since it’s completion. We will not hesitate to recommend their company to anyone for their services!
National University of Singapore
We are really glad to have NETe2 Asia Pte Ltd as our vendor for our video conference service. Owing to global resource planning from our head office in London, we would have continued using your services with us locally. Thank you for the prompt services and we certainly look forward to work with you again in the near future.
Thomson Reuters
With video conferencing we can truly work across boundaries, collaborating regularly and interactively on projects. It’s a huge increase for productivity and we wish we had done it sooner. Video conferencing has also improved staff’s work-life balance and substantially reduced our travel costs. Having the managed service provided by NETe2 Asia means that our IT staff are free to focus on more value-adding activities.

It’s a great experience working with NETe2 Asia and we are very satisfied with the support provided by the engineer and service support. Ms. Hui Chen as the contact person for our service support, she provides a very personalize support, very understanding of customer’s needs.

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