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National Library Board (NLB) has collaborated with Singapore Polytechnic’s lectures and students to develop new features like the Book Trees, where users can browse integrated displays that feature selected books, artworks, videos and other related inspiring design material such as VideoWall display at the main entrance.

Together with their plans to achieve new integrated displays and features, NETe2 Asia offers its own customised Radium VideoWall with an unprecedented level of graphical rendering power, bringing high resolution presentation and visualization to the new level. To improve overall experience of their visitors we provide a VideoWall controller that is integrated with Premium Touch Panel System for simplification of alignment / layout system management and operations.

2×3 interactive videowall is implemented to suit their design through the library’s specially crafted spaces, curated collection and themed programmes. With this themed and designed around “Design is for Everyone”, library users can explore a variety of ways to learn more about the different facets.