Cisco Interactive Experience Manager

Manage Interactive Experiences

The Cisco Interactive Experience Manager (IEM) enables robust and remote management of the Cisco Interactive Services Solution. This management console through which all the services and applications are deployed, administered, and updated helps reduce costs and improves overall efficiency.

The Cisco Interactive Experience Manager provides administrators in enterprises and public agencies with a user-friendly interface to centrally configure, control, and monitor Cisco Interactive Experience Client (IEC) devices. It supports user- and device-management, as well as advanced device configuration, through use of policies and groups. The Cisco Interactive Experience Manager is accessed through a web portal with a menu-driven GUI.

Cisco Interactive Experience Manager integrates management functions such as communications with the kiosks, template management, and oversees operations and maintenance of the kiosks centrally. It manages by groups, provides intelligent workflow and scheduling, and allows for integration with third-party applications and interactive multimedia.

Feature and Capabilities
With Cisco IEM, an administrator can perform the following functions:

  • Configuration- Configure Cisco IEC4600 Series devices, including startup URLs, network settings, peripherals, etc.
  • Policy management- Easily and flexibly apply settings to a group of users or devices
  • Session management- Apply session time limits to control kiosk usage
  • Remote control- Control the behavior of a kiosk in real time, including muting the audio, locking out a user, or sending a user a message
  • Logs- Log traffic from Cisco IEC4600 Series devices to analyze data
Interactive Experience Manager