EYA 2014

Mr Mark Chng believes since he was young that working hard is the key to succeeding. He worked hard in school and acquired excellent academic credentials; he was an ex-Singapore Aerospace scholar, he has a Bachelor degree in Engineering from National University of Singapore, graduated from INSEAD with a Diploma in International Business and did his GCE A’ Levels in Hwa Chong Junior College.

Mr Chng has 25 years of experiences in the Information Technologies (IT) and Telecommunication industries. His expertise lies in managing system integration business, business development and product research & development. He is also a Certified Technology Specialist-Design by InfoComm International, a highly sought-after certification in the InfoComm industry.

With valuable experience from Singtel Aeradio, he started as a project manager for IT and multimedia projects. Subsequently, he took on Sales Management position and was later promoted to be the Divisional Director as successfully turned the loss-making department into one of the most profitable in the span of a year.


With excellent credentials, Mr Chng’s capabilities seemed to know no boundaries and during his nearly 14 years reign as the head of NETe2 Asia Pte Ltd, he created one of the most successful Video Conferencing and Video Delivery system integration business. In 2010, NETe2 Asia become the first small and medium enterprise in South East Asia to be recognised as a Cisco Advanced Technology Partner with a Video Master Certification. Mr Chng also developed a hybrid business model that melded the hardware products and in-house software development. This in turn offered customers cost-effective solutions that meet their operational requirements.

Established on 13 June 2000 and under the leadership of Mr Chng, NETe2 Asia is an industry leader in Audio Visual System Integration, Video Conferencing and Video Management as well as Multimedia Design & Build Collaboration Solutions. With seamless integration and full collaboration, the company’s services are designed to connect people across vast digital networks. From corporate meetings to presentations, they utilise state-of-the-art technologies to effectively establish telepresence. NETe2 Asia has a broad range of expertise across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

NETe2 Asia’s success is built on the extensive experience in the design integration of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing solutions incorporating IT. With Mr Chng’s invaluable experiences and contacts gained over the years, NETe2 Asia has been serving few hundred multinational corporations and education institutes with professional consulting, integration and operational services for audio-visual communications on a worldwide scale. The company also ensures that customers received prompt support with heavy emphasis on providing quality customer service.


Mr Chng has led NETe2 Asia to a multitude of successes over the years and will continues to transform NETe2 Asia into the Leading Video Conferencing, Multimedia, Audio Visual System Integration Company with its own software Development Division, delivering solution that no one else can. Working closely with architects, designers, facilities manager, both IT and construction professionals, NETe2 Asia designs, builds and install world-class Video Conferencing audio-visual, Multimedia environments for all forms of presentation, communication and collaboration.

-Article taken from EYA 2014 The Entrepreneurs-